Business so far…

Blogging is on my to-do-list, somewhere above filing tax returns but lagging sadly behind anything to do with looking at beautiful instruments and bows. It’s been five months since my last communication and so it seemed like time for an update!

The first 6 months of trading have been great fun and much more busy than I expected. The months have passed by in a flurry of buying stock, finding great instruments for commission sales and learning all about the worlds of advertising and accountancy. This relative hive of activity pales into insignificance for me compared to the buzz of matching 4 violins and 3 bows to delighted new owners: there’s something of the Ollivander’s wand shop in finding the magic combination of player and tools.

From a music student to an up and coming soloist, it has been a pleasure to work closely with players and ensure that they leave with the perfect love match. It has been a great relief to confirm that my playing background supports me in helping to understand what each customer is looking for: nice to know that all those years of practice are finally paying off!

Do get in touch if you’re looking for your next instrument or bow, or indeed if you would like to sell through us.