Festival of Modern Making - Stephanie Irvine

Stephanie Irvine

At 18, Stephanie apprenticed with the luthier Guust François in Amsterdam, where she made a viola after the 16th century brescian maker Gasparo da Salo. She went on to the Newark School of Violin Making, and to study with and work alongside the makers Melvin Goldsmith and David Rattray.

After graduating in 2017, she moved home to Scotland and set up a workshop in Glasgow with her partner Linus Andersson, a luthier from Sweden. She has since made violins, violas and cellos that are played by students and professionals alike. They now work on commissions for new instruments, as well as restoration and repair, and are delighted to have instruments on display at Tim Wright Fine Violins!

In the video below, cellist Robert Irvine plays one of Stephanie’s instruments:

Example of Stephanie's work:

Stephanie Irvine Violin

Stephanie Irvine Violin